A Solar Cooker is a device that uses sunlight as an energy source to cook food. The most effective material for a solar cooker is metal painted black to absorb light. It’s top plane is made out of glass to trap heat (Similar to the greenhouse effect). A vessel (painted black) is placed in this heater containing the food. A solar heater has a mirror that helps concentrate sunlight to a particular point/space.A time taken for a solar heater to prepare food varies greatly according to the quantity and type of food, equipment being used, sunlight available and air temperature.

The vast majority of solar cookers presently in use are relatively cheap, low-tech devices. Because they use no fuel and cost nothing to operate, many nonprofit organizations are promoting their use worldwide in order to help reduce fuel costs (for low-income people) and air pollution


Simple solar cookers use the following basic principles:

Concentrating sunlight: A reflective mirror of polished glass, metal or metallised film concentrates light and heat from the sun on a small cooking area, making the energy more concentrated and increasing its heating power.

Converting light to heat: A black or low reflectivity surface on a food container or the inside of a solar cooker improves the effectiveness of turning light into heat. Light absorption converts the sun’s visible light into heat, substantially improving the effectiveness of the cooker.

Trapping heat: It is important to reduce convection by isolating the air inside the cooker from the air outside the cooker. A plastic bag or tightly sealed glass cover traps the hot air inside. This makes it possible to reach temperatures on cold and windy days similar to those possible on hot days.

Greenhouse effect: Glass transmits visible light but blocks infrared thermal radiation from escaping. This amplifies the heat trapping effect


We’ve used the Sun light for drying clothes and food for thousands of years but only recently have we been able to start cooking with its power. The benefits of Solar Cooking can’t be ignored. In fact, every minute, enough energy shines on Earth to meet our demands for a whole year – if only we could harness it properly. Now… Imagine using solar energy to cook your food. Now you can with the Sun Ray Cooker. It’s a solar oven that allows you to use the Sun as your oven. The energy used by this solar oven is free and the benefits to your wallet and the earth are enormous.

  • No fuel Needed, just cook at the sun’s expense in your solar powered cooker.
  • Cooks and bakes any kind of food with solar energy.
  • Pots in our solar oven can exceed temperatures of 148° Celsius, depending on weather conditions.
  • No danger of fire.
  • Even cooking temperatures also mean that food doesn’t burn.
  • Ideal for everyday use in your garden, at picnics or in the event of a power failure.
  • Versatile, portable & easy to use.
  • The solar cooking process is eco-friendly.
  • Save on utility bill and improve the environment. Let the Sun do the cooking.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by using the free energy source in the sky and the Sun Ray Cooker.